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For Your Valentine (Corespondență de la formația de pop-rock Indiggo Twins – Mihaela și Gabriela Modorcea, gemenele scriitorului și cineastului român Grid Modorcea, corespondent permanent al Jurnalul Bucureştiului la New York)

Plagiatul în lumea contemporană (Plagiatul, boala copilăriei epigoniei. Responsabilitatea morală, răspunderea civilă și penală. Reforme structurale administrative și socio – juridice pentru combaterea cu eficacitate a plagiatului)

And the best poem that celebrates our Valentine’s Day poetry contest…

Sometimes best things come when we rest…
When we think it’s late, it’s not too late
Because the starlight might be sunlight a thousand miles away
But still a friend beats the same beat of love
Whether he’s in America, Romania or France…
This poem below just came in from a stranger
who quickly turned into a friend
because his soul is a chosen one from the heav’nly realm.
Just read it below for yourself, dear friends!
I am not averse to writing verses
Of love, for all love comes from
Within, from that which is closer than kin,
Even if, of course,
It really comes from above,
From that singular, sacred source
Whose sign was once a dove-
By which I mean to imply
One should in fact feel rather proud
To be in love, thus rendering it natural
To want to express this feeling
Through a medium like verse,
For to be in love is a blessing,
One deeply entwined,
If it is not clear, with all that is divine.
Beyond this, it is evident that,
There is also hardly any curse that could be worse
For anyone in the whole universe
Than to have to live and conceal that which,
Once expressed, can heal as well as reveal,
The true sources of one’s zeal,
That is, the fire that burns within one,
What one’s heart most desires,
What it is that one most aspires,
Or who it is that one most admires,
In my case, today,
I would like to dedicate this humble poem to
Gabriela and Mihaela,
Hoping that, with their immaculate voices,
They might someday read it aloud,
At which point it would become a song,
Which, even if only acapella,
Would surely be as beautiful as
Anything my heart could ever fathom
Love, Alan
 It is so rare to find a soul like yours, dear Alan, that beats with love divine from every pore
C’est une offrande, magnifique, unique
A friend like you comes like a bird that sings onto your windowsill a song that never perishes but flies with wings of holy light
And multiplies its offsprings into a thousand birds that sing
„Oh, what a friend! Friendship with a soul that beats alike is what love was meant to sound like!

Note. Love Flu by Indiggo Twins-Live performance at the Duplex Theatre. Written, composed, arranged, choreographed & performed by Indiggo Twins aka Gabriela Modorcea & Mihaela Modorcea, on „Wicked Clone or How to Deal with the Evil” original off Broadway cast album released with Broadway Records: Wicked Clone (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) [CD]

Indiggo Twins este o formație pop-rock compusă din gemenele Mihaela și Gabriela Modorcea. Tatăl lor, Grid Modorcea (corespondent permanent al Jurnalul Bucureştiului de la New York) este scriitor, regizor, producător de filme documentare, doctor în arte, iar mama, Violeta Modorcea, e profesoară, doctor în filologie.

Indiggo Twins are the stage names for Gabriela Modorcea and Mihaela Modorcea, twin sisters and Romanian-American professional actresses, dancers, singers, and writers. They were born in Romania, received visas for extraordinary artistic abilities, became American citizens and live in New York City. They speak English, French, German and Romanian and sing in seven languages. They wrote, composed, choreographed, designed and perform their Off Broadway play Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical2018 based on Mihaela’s 500-page novel Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil2016. New York City Guide’s Theatre Editor Griffin Miller describes the show as „a rare piece of visual and audio creativity” that „„turns the tables on tradition by” telling the story of a vampire bitten by a human being’”. They wrote, composed, arranged, designed and performed their original cast recording album of 25 „immortal” songs.

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