Acasă Evenimente Simultaneitate spațio – temporală. București – publicarea cărții „Corona Lisa” (de Grid...

Simultaneitate spațio – temporală. București – publicarea cărții „Corona Lisa” (de Grid Modorcea) și New York – lansarea the long-running „Take off your Mask” by Indiggo Twins (from „Wicked Clone” off Broadway original album)

Wicked Clone’s Indiggo Twins Release Short Film „Take Off Your Mask”

The medical mask is only temporary, but the true us, unmasked, is what makes US great again,” state the Indiggo Twins who surprise us with another exquisite video entitled „Take off Your Mask“, part of their off Broadway creation-musical, bestelling novel and cast recording album „Wicked Clone or How to Deal with the Evil” released under Broadway Records.

Watch the short musical film „Take Off Your Mask” below.

Nature, animals, birds, children teach us to be free, ludic, simple, authentic, unaltered, unlying, uncompromised, unconcealed, umasked,” speaks firmly Gabriela Modorcea, the composer and orchestrator of „Take Off Your Mask” and the 5-min younger twin sister of the Indiggo duo.

„While we encourage you to keep your medical masks on, we encourage you to take off the other mask, to be real, like nature, ‘with all your flaws & laughs, ”adds Mihaela Modorcea, the writer and painter of the Indiggo Twins‘ costumes.

With ‘Take Off Your Mask” we have wanted to showcase the entire orchestra created by the sounds of birds and animals, the greatest accompanists. We have thrived to make a video to thank the caretakers, the keepers and protectors of these marvelous creatures of our heavenly-earth who teach us unconditional love and to go back to our roots…

Moreover we feel so much reverence towards the beauty and habitat of the Bronx Zoo created for these divine creatures of God. We felt proud to be American citizens and part of this great garden of love, both Indiggo Twins utter in praise.

We thank all our special co-stars, starting with the symphonic trills of the toucan-birds who started a staccato aria overtaken by the great blue turaco who stole their spotlight singing its heart out louder and louder! The blue bird magnificently sang for 10 minutes straight to prove that she is the best soprano soloist of all of them birds. We were alone in the entire area and felt honored to be the only guests that attended the marvelous concerto. When the other audience members started to walk by, the birds became suddenly silent, as if nothing had happened and we were the only recipients of their secrecy,” relates Mihaela, enthralled.

Then visiting the baboons reserve, everyone was expecting an acrobatic show. Yet they were simply too busy jumping and fighting and the mother teaching her little newborn to eat and walk. Then Gabriela kindly asked them ‘Girls, do a somersault or something’. And the playful beings went on the prove themselves. Somersault after somersault they performed for us all, as if they were Olympic gymnasts.” Gabriela adds with engrossed enthusiasm.

Our hearts were melted by the long kisses of graceful ballerina-swans and by the grizzly bears who hugged each other with fluffy claws of love. Squirrel monkeys eager to showcase their dance and jumps from bamboo branch to branch enchanted us. One of our greatest highlights were the gorillas. A beautiful, melancholic female started doing yoga. Before our eyes, she has stretched her hamstrings, doing wide splits for more than an hour. Nobody could disturb her ritual. Not even her long-gazing husband who was watching her from a rock amidst fog, as if smoking from a long cigar. All the children were in awe, and so were we. Then, we jumped for joy at the children’s zoo feeding the goats and sweet alpacas. We were swept away by the little blue penguin-swimmers of 30 cm – the cutest creatures on earth. At the very end of our paradisiacal journey, we attended a 20-minute sweet concerto of the sea lions who have been singing and bouncing, dancing their tails out. Truly amidst nature, we find our true selves and respect towards the greatness of our good planet earth.



Indiggo Twins are the stage names for Gabriela Modorcea and Mihaela Modorcea, twin sisters and Romanian-American professional actresses, dancers, singers, and writers. They were born in Romania, received visas for extraordinary artistic abilities, became American citizens and live in New York City. They speak English, French, German and Romanian and sing in seven languages. The twins were born in 1985 in Brașov, Transylvania, Romania.

They wrote, composed, choreographed, designed and perform their Off Broadway play Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical (2018) based on Mihaela’s 500-page novel Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil (2016). New York City Guide’s Theatre Editor Griffin Miller describes the show as „a rare piece of visual and audio creativity” that „„turns the tables on tradition by telling „the story of a vampire bitten by a human being””. They wrote, composed, arranged, designed and performed their original cast recording album of 25 „immortal” songs.

American rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z sampled Indiggo’s single „La La La” (2011) on their collaborative album Watch the Throne (2011). New York Times reviewer Jon Caramanica describes the sample as „moving” and a „gem”. Their singles „Hip Hop Jam” (2003) and „Be My Boyfriend” (2006) entered the top of the charts and the singles and their album Indiggo found commercial success in Germanic territories. They signed a worldwide, multi-year, co-publishing/grand rights deal with international music publisher Imagem.

Mihaela has written two poetry books, Rage and Love and Wicked Clone or how to get reborn. Gabriela appeared in the film National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj (2006) and in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode “Hothouse”. They were semi-finalists on America’s Got Talent and acted in the Russian-American film Lyubov v bolshom gorode (No Love in the Big City). They have performed in a number of awarded musicals and finished seventh in the Romanian qualifiers for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.

Gemenele Gabriela & Mihaela Modorcea Indiggo Twins

Corespondență de la Grid Modorcea, Dr. în Arte

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Fizician teoretician și matematician de formaţie pluri-inter și transdisciplinară, adept şi promotor al educaţiei de excelenţă (gifted education) şi jurnalist de investigaţii criminale francez, de origine română, specializat în MASS (Matematici Aplicate în Științe Sociale), în studiul fenomenelor socio - judiciare cu ajutorul unor structuri matematice complexe (teoria haosului - sisteme complexe, teoria ergodică, teoria teoria categoriilor și rețelelor, cercetarea operațională și teoria sistemelor formale de tip Gödel). Cofondator al IRSCA Gifted Education (Institutul Român pentru Studii şi Cercetări Avansate în Educaţia de Excelenţă), de peste un deceniu și jumătate, este Director de studii în cadrul CUFR România (Conseil Universitaire-Formation-Rechereche auprès des Grandes Ecoles Françaises-Consultanţă Universitară, Studii şi Cercetări de pe lângă Şcolile Superioare Franceze de Înalte Studii), organism educaţional franco-român agreat de stat, având ca obiectiv, consilierea, orientarea şi pregătirea candidaţilor români cu Diplomă de bacalaureat, respectiv ai studenţilor din primul ciclu universitar (Licenţă), la concursurile de admitere în sistemul elitist de învatamânt superior „La conférence des grandes écoles françaises” (Şcolile Superioare Franceze de Înalte Studii - CPGE-Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles, Grandes Ecoles) şi Universităţile elitiste franceze (Licenţă, Master). Este autor a peste 600 de lucrări cu caracter științifico–didactic (articole și cărți de matematică și fizică, respectiv, de investigație jurnalistică – atât în limba română cât și în limba franceză, repertoriate și în BNF – Bilibioteca Națională a Franței, „François, Mitterrand”), care au contribuit la promovarea culturii și civilizației franceze în lume, precum și la admiterea a peste 1.000 de tineri români cu abilități intelectuale înalte (absolvenți de liceu și studenți) în școlile superioare franceze de înalte studii – Les Grandes Ecoles (un sistem educațional elitist și unic în lume), în special, în cele științifico–inginerești și economico–comerciale, dintre care, astăzi, majoritatea ca absolvenți, contribuie în calitate de cadre superioare sau de conducere la prosperitatea spirituală și materială a națiunii franceze în cadrul unor prestigioase instituții de învatamânt superior și de cercetare, mari companii private sau de stat, civile si militare, multinaționale, specializate în tehnologia de vârf, respectiv, în cadrul administrației locale și centrale de stat.



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